Well, this page remains under construction.... sigh.... BUT SOON, really, I promise, this could be one of the most interesting destinations on this site.

I've been a practicing musician for forty years. I mean, I haven't actually been PRACTICING for forty years.... my fingers got really tired after about 12. As my big home page graphic implies- you did get that, right? - I don't do everything, but I do a variety of things, and that applies to music as well.

Here's what I don't do. I don't do opera. Well, I did once. Long story. Some other time. I don't do screaming electric guitar solos. Only because I can't.... hurts my throat. I don't do 14th Century Siberian Reindeer Chants.... yet. I'm looking for a teacher. Email if you know someone.

Here's what I DO do. Mostly acoustic guitar, fingerpicking stuff. Also bass, mandolin, percussion, and voice. I studied classical guitar in college, so I use a lot of that technique. Right now I'm back to my strummy folk-rock days. My wife, the lovely and talented Ferne Bork, is a singer of some not-insignificant repute, and we have a little trio going with our friend Dan Tinen on keyboard and voice. Three part vocals. Loads of fun. You can hear a sample of what we sound like by clicking right here. Oh, wait..... I haven't posted anything yet..... But soon! Really!

On the "and now for something completely different" side of things, I also do avant garde atonal music. One of my favorite things about this side of my music is that it allows me to play instruments I really don't play in the usual sense of the word. Unless of course you mean "play" as in playing with toys... which is how I try to approach all the music I do anyway. After all, if it ain't fun, why do it? If you want to learn more about this way of making music, I highly recommend some workshop time with David Darling, a most mentorious fellow.

Somewhere in between the folky stuff and the avant garde stuff is my tonal instrumental music. I write about one piece every fifteen years. The album will be out sometime in the next decade. On the other hand, I seem to write pretty easily when I have an assignment. So if you need anything, a jingle, some music for your soon-to-be-featured-at-Cannes film, or a symphony in honor of your chicken's next birthday, get in touch.

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